Marilyn Manson spoke in an interview with Beats 1 and explained what happened to him when he spent time in rehab. He said (transcriped by Ultimate-guitar):

I tried rehab, they kicked me out almost, basically. I was there about four weeks, they talked about god so much. It’s when I wanted to quit making music and I put out ‘Lest We Forget’ after that.

And there was a 90-year-old woman – I didn’t talk to anyone in rehab, and this 90 year old woman came in and they took away her hairspray but she was very beautiful, sort of like Faye Dunaway.

I said ‘Why did they take your hairspray? Why are you here?’ ‘Well my children thought I should be here.’

I said, ‘Well why didn’t they buy you a ball of heroin or something? You’re 90, you invented this shit before we were born, before I was born. You were doing more. You were one who created things like anal sex, drugs, you started that stuff, why do they try to blame you for it?’

She goes, ‘I don’t know.’ And then they said I was a bad influence. And my dad broke me out… He didn’t break me out, he picked me up.”

Recently, Marilyn Manson has shared a new official music video for “Kill4Me”. You can watch it from below.