The iconic phenomenon Marilyn Manson posted a recent photo on his official Instagram account and made a brilliant Ozzy Osbourne reference with it.

While Marilyn tags Johnny Depp on the photo for no reason, he also recalled Black Sabbath Legend Ozzy Osbourne’s nickname by changing a letter: ‘The Price of Darkness.’

Manson also mentioned that this rare image of him was taken by a famous movie director and community photographer, Lindsay Elizabeth Usich. However, she chose not to share that photo on her own account.

You can check out the caption below.

“The Price of Darkness. Photo by Lindsay Usich Official.”

Almost 300K people crushed the comment section of the post. The owner of the photo Lindsay Usich wrote this:

“I love you. 🖤 “

Another user recalled an important incident we are living right now:

“For y’all saying “all lives matter”, that is a way to excuse the black lives matter movement. If a child scrapes their knee would you give a bandaid to every child? No.

Because not every child needs one. All lives matter but right now black lives need to be supported.”

You may check out the photo below.