Iconic rock and metal star Marilyn Manson has shared a new open letter on his Twitter to mourn his close friend Eric Rosenbaum.

Eric Rosenbaum (aka Norm Will Rise) is a famous tattoo and graffiti artist, who passed away a week ago.

Here’s what Marilyn wrote on Twitter:

“Norm. A true frıend and amazing artist. Put alot of tattoos on me. I love you man and hope you are somewhere peaceful. Your art will live on in my skin. RIP. And this is a really sad day for me. He was a great person that should still be here.”

A fan named Sabrina wrote to Marilyn:

“Marilyn, I am terribly sorry about your loss. Even though you were in such pain you still put on an amazing show @AFTERSHOCKSAC. I didn’t get to officially introduce myself to you and give you a huge hug. But my headlights did, as we were stairing at eachother. ❤️you so much 💖”

Another fan named Laura wrote:

“Deepest condolences. I know it’s hard to lose someone in your life who is actually a genuinely decent person. We have an abundance of toxic waste hidden under human skin. They say the good die young. It would make more sense if dying meant getting rid of the trash.”

You can see the original tweet of Marilyn below.

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