According to a recent article on Looper, the iconic vocalist Marilyn Manson is not going to play the character, the Trashcan Man, for the adaptation of Stephen King’s famous novel ‘The Stand,’ since he was replaced by the actor Ezra Miller.

As you may know, besides his impressive career in music, Marilyn Manson also has many achievements in the film and television industry. His first appearance on the silver screen was with his role in David Lynch‘s well-known film, ‘Lost Highway.’

As he took part in various productions over the course of many years, Manson received compliments for his portrayal of the character named Ron Tully in the final season of the famous TV series, ‘Sons of Anarchy.’ Earlier this year, Marilyn also appeared on another TV series, ‘The New Pope,’ as a guest star.

For the last couple of months, there have been some rumors about Manson’s participation in the cast of the adaptation of Stephen King‘s novel ‘The Stand.’ The iconic singer was expected to play the role of the Trashcan Man in the upcoming miniseries, which depicts the story of the survivors after an apocalypse caused by a global pandemic.

However, a recent article revealed that Marilyn Manson was replaced by the famous actor Ezra Miller, who is known for his roles in ‘Justice League’ and ‘Fantastic Beasts.’ ‘The Stand‘ showrunner Ben Cavill joined an interview and confirmed that they had another role in mind for Manson which was the character named ‘The Kid’ who accompanies Trashcan Man on his trip to Las Vegas.

However, Cavill stated that during the writing process they realized The Kid was not an essential character for the show. Therefore, whether Manson will take part in The Stand is still undetermined.

Here’s what the showrunner stated about Marilyn Manson’s role in the miniseries:

“We were talking to Manson early on about playing The Kid, who drives Trashcan Man to Vegas. We thought we were going to be able to restore the character of The Kid, but there really isn’t a lot of reason for The Kid to exist.

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