One of the most multi-talented stars of this era and almost 3.3 million followed an Instagram celebrity, Marilyn Manson, took to his official page today and reposted his long-time friend and well-known producer Mr. Oizo’s recent post about him.

You may watch the video right below that Marilyn is sitting on the toilet closet and wearing one of the weirdest outfits of all time while putting toilet paper on his noses for no reason. This rare footage was taken back in 2013.

Here is what Marilyn wrote about the video:

“You look like shit when you…”

And here is the caption of Mr. Oizo:

“Found footage. 2013. Mr. Oizo Featuring Marilyn Manson.

Solid on Ed Banger. for sure.”

An Instagram user and Mr. Oizo follower named Rebecca wrote this:

“Is this a track I can listen to on my own?”

You can check out the Instagram Stories post and the reposted video of Marilyn below.

Photo Credit: Marilyn Manson – Instagram Stories