As we all know, famous rapper Kanye West has a new motto these days and he’s always saying and paying respect that ‘Jesus Is King’, which is the title of his new album. On the other hand, Marilyn Manson is known for his ‘anti-christ’ attitude through his outfits, lyrics, and music videos, etc.

An Instagram fan page of Marilyn Manson, Marilyn Manson Dose, has shared a new meme about what I mentioned at the intro line. Then, Marilyn has posted that meme on Instagram Stories. Apparently, he liked that meme.

Marilyn didn’t write anything about the meme, he just shared on Instagram Stories. You can see it below.

You can see the Instagram post that the fan page has shared below. A fan named Emo looked the meme from another angle and said:

“Did yall forget Varg Vikernes burnt 3 churches down”

Another fan added:

“I believe in God, and I absolutely love Manson music! Believe it or not I’m just an old Cowboy from south Texas who took my daughter to see Manson in San Antonio. When he went to that part of the show we went to the restroom. No big deal.

I listen to Cry little sister in the parking lot at church. Manson respects us, and why not do the same. Just my 2 cents.”

Check out the Instagram post below.

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