According to Alternative Nation’s report, Marilyn Manson spoke in an interview with 97.1 Radio and revealed interesting statements about Justin Bieber. He says that Justin Bieber is in some sort of sexual religious cult.

Here’s the statement:

“Well he’s (Justin Bieber) in some sort of sexual religious cult with an Asian version of Dave Navarro, apparently. The guy doesn’t wear a shirt, I don’t know exactly. But no, I don’t like to fight with girls, so I don’t want to fight with Justin Bieber.

Then, interviewer mentioned that she wondered what went through Bieber’s mind to wear his own version of a Manson shirt. Manson responded:

“I don’t know, because I don’t know how to use the mind of a squirrel. So I don’t know what he’s thinking.

It is representing rock and roll though, I appreciate the fact that you identify with the integrity that I try to represent with rock music. Because if I don’t do it, who else is going to? If you want to fuck with that, if you tap the cobra, you’re going to get the fangs.

If you kiss the cobra, you get the venom. I’m not really sure what that metaphor means, but you can just absorb that and put it into your own brain.”

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