One of the most interesting figures of the music industry, Marilyn Manson, shared a recent and cryptic photo on his verified Instagram page and confused his fans’ minds with a bizarre message.

As you might check out the post of Marilyn below, he shared a shaking music wave tagging various Instagram pages. In addition to that, he also shared a bizarre caption with the photo that no one understands, which is hashtag of ‘Everyone will suffer now.’

Here is what Marilyn wrote:

Omnes surdus es et nunc audite me…

#everyonewillsuffernow #blacksabbathbornagain

#antichristsuperstar #2020 #youhavenoideawhatiscoming”

An Instagram user named arianagemx asked this:

“Do you still plan on coming to Bangor Maine for you’re tour!?”

Another Marilyn Manson fan named amynatasha88 commented:

“How long will we have to wait @mari”

You can check out that weird post right below.