On Twitter, The Walking Death actor Norman Reedus has posted a Marilyn Manson song that was released in 2016 but didn’t write anything over the caption area. Still, he managed to touch Marilyn Manson.

In 2016, Marilyn Manson and Shooter Jennings entered the studio for a collaboration song. After a great effort, they rearranged the iconic The Doors song called ‘The End,’ which is available on streaming services right now.

Norman has shared the Spotify link of The End on Twitter, and Marilyn has responded to Norman’s tweet by writing the background story of that song.

Here’s what Marilyn wrote:

“Oh, lord. I wondered what happened to this gem that Shooter Jennings and I created.”

We compiled some fan comments that can be seen below. A fan named Laura said:

“Good morning, Norman! Thanks for sharing with us! I hope you have a great day and stay safe! We love you!”

Another fan named Paul said:

“If you run from your past. You’re only running from yourself.”

Check out the Norman and Marilyn’s tweets below.