One of the most-spoken musicians of the 2000s and almost 3.5 million followed Instagram phenomenon; Marilyn Manson posted a recent Instagram Stories on his verified social media page and broke his silence after many times.

Despite being popular and one of the most-anticipated users on Instagram, Marilyn chose not to send much stuff on his account frequently. Today, he reposted the latest image of his musician friend Shooter Jennings.

As you might read the caption right below, Shooter stated that he and Marilyn made a surprising collaboration, and they are both impatient to release their upcoming work.

Shooter Jennings also revealed how Marilyn himself took this rare image. You can check out the reposted photo of Marilyn below.

“Just waiting for this finished masterpiece to be released.”

Marilyn Manson went to the comment section and wrote this:

“Love my Shooter, Misty & Pancake. Finished masterpiece album. And Matt Mahurin. Shit is going to get real.”

You can check out the photos right below.

Photo Credit: Marilyn Manson – Instagram Stories