The iconic vocalist Marilyn Manson posted a photo of himself on Instagram almost a month later he released the music video for the title track of his upcoming album, ‘We Are Chaos,‘ and he had something to say about the past, present, and future.

As you may recall, legendary frontman Marilyn Manson has been giving some hints about a new project for a while. Even though he doesn’t actively use social media platforms in general, Manson started posting some new photos right before the release of the music clip of his new song.

A few weeks ago, Marilyn Manson shared the brand new video of the title track of his upcoming album, ‘We Are Chaos,‘ on his Twitter account. He also announced that the album would be available on September 11, 2020.

Recently on Instagram, Manson posted another photo of himself almost a month later the release of the music video. On the caption of the photo, Marilyn shared a cryptic message about time. He emphasized the insignificance of the past and the importance of focusing on the future.

Here’s what Marilyn Manson stated on the caption of his recent post:

Fuck the past. Here is your present, let’s take the future.”

You can see the photo Marilyn Manson posted on his Instagram account below.