The legendary American singer and also talented record producer as well, Marilyn Manson, was recently interviewed by Consequence Of Sound’s Spencer Kaufman and talked about how listening to heavy metal changed his life forever.

As you might remember, Marilyn would take place in Ozzy Osbourne’s tour this year. After all concert dates were canceled because of the quarantine and Ozzy’s health issues, fans are eager to watch Marilyn on the stage.

While Marilyn talked about how he was upset when he heard the news that Ozzy could not make the tour, Marilyn also admitted that listening to ‘Blizzard of Ozz’ was an amazing experience when he was in Christian school back in the ’80s.

Here is what he said:

“I remember getting ‘Blizzard Of Ozz’ when I was in a Christian school. My mother took me to get it at the record store when it was highly frowned upon and forbidden in a Christian school. But I just remember that he had this strange mystique that he’s never really escaped from, despite the fact that he even had a reality TV show. Somehow his music outlived that.

That’s something I would not have done, ’cause I would never want to share my personal life on reality TV. But his music completely exceeds that, which I find to be amazing.

I remember having a ‘Shot In The Dark’ poster on my wall, in 10th grade, I think, and it was so great to have gotten to tour with him and with Black Sabbath as well. And he’s always been a very quiet and interesting person. We bonded overpainting, strangely enough, at one point on tour.”

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