The iconic metal musician Marilyn Manson has talked about his upcoming eleventh studio album ‘We Are Chaos‘ and unveiled his memory about Elton John praising his biopic, ‘Rocketman.’

As you may know, Marilyn Manson returns to music with his next album ‘We Are Chaos’ after three years of break. He announced that his new album will be released on September 11, 2020. Since then, Manson has been continuing to create an image for his project.

Recently, Marilyn has made an interview with Revolver, in which he explained in detail the production process of ‘We Are Chaos’ both musically and artistically. Admitted that the album is about his current mental health and how the world is right now, Manson also talked about how he met Elton John, whom he admires a lot.

He mentioned that he got the chance to see Elton John in the time period after he started doing the record. Marilyn said that John kissed him on both cheeks and he was brought to tears at that moment.

Manson added that he appreciates Elton John not only musically. Instead of the highly popular Freddie Mercury film ‘Bohemian Rhapsody,’ John’s biopic ‘Rocketman,’ which came out in 2019, is also very special for him that every time he watches it, he cries, said Manson.

Here is what Marilyn Manson said about Elton John:

“And strangely, in the time period, after we started doing the record, he had just won these Grammys for working with Brandi Carlile. And we went to this concert that she did that was a dedication to Joni Mitchell’s Blue record. And then we got to meet Elton John and he kissed me on both cheeks.

I was brought to tears, essentially. Because Elton John … not only just musically, they’re beautiful songs and the heartbreaking lyrics. And I enjoyed the movie [2019’s Rocketman] immensely and cried every time I saw it. Doesn’t matter if I say that. It was very special.”

You can check out the rest of the interview here.