Marilyn Manson, the phenomenal metal musician and visual artist, has exposed his little-known emotional side to his followers while mourning the grieving death of his girlfriend’s mother, Hope.

As you know, the great metal vocalist Marilyn Manson has been renowned for his dark and mysterious style since the beginning of his musical journey. In addition to his unique outlook, he produces quite reactional and some of the heaviest songs in metal history.

However, his recent story on Instagram displayed the fact that he’s a highly emotional and mindful person especially when it comes to his beloved ones. After the passing of the mother of his on and off girlfriend, Lindsay Usich, Manson has mourned with her.

As you might recall, in the March 2012 issue of Revolver magazine, the talented photographer, Lindsay Usich, was referred to as Manson’s girlfriend. The article referenced a new painting by Manson featuring Usich.

She is credited as the photo source for the cover art of Manson’s 2012 album, ‘Born Villain.’ It was later confirmed that the two were romantically involved. In February 2015, Manson told Beat magazine that he is newly single. Yet, for a couple of months, the couple has been seen together again.

As Usich was devastated by the great loss, bidding farewell to her mother on Instagram by sharing a beautiful portrait of her, Marilyn Manson has accompanied her by calling Usich’s mother his mom.

Here’s what Lindsay Usich said on Instagram about her mother:

“Our mother, Hope, was one of the most strong-willed and funny women I ever knew. Last night she left this world but she will remain in our hearts and our memories. We will miss and love you always.”

Marilyn Manson reposted Usich’s story and said:

“I will miss you forever mom.”

You can see the story below.

Photo Credits: Marilyn Manson – Instagram Stories