One of the most popular Instagram fan pages of Marilyn Manson, Blood15Honey, has posted a rare photo of Marilyn with the country singer Shooter Jennings.

As you can see below, in the photo, Marilyn is smiling in a really sweet way, and Shooter Jennings is looking into Marilyn’s eyes.

Marilyn Manson has shared the photo on his official Instagram page and didn’t write anything about it. Here’s the caption of the photo which was written by the fan page:

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A fan named Badoo commented:

“I was thrilled to find this image. If you actually get this comment in time, you can see my introductory teachings about the significance of the image to my conspiracy theory that my acct largely teaches about. 🖤🕊🖤🕊🖤🕊🖤🕊🖤🕊 The black and white diamonds!

You might like my story right now and my latest 3 posts as a starting point if you would like to have fun learning a cool dynamic behind why Manson may have posted this ⭐️ Thank you !!! 🕊 This has meant a lot to me, and the timing is also on MY birthday 🎂”

Check out the photo below.