After ending his long-time silence on social media yesterday, the legendary star Marilyn Manson continues to send new stuff on his verified social media account. Today, he shared the cover art of a new photography book, ‘Marilyn Manson by Perou: 21 Years in Hell.’

As you will read the description of the Marilyn and the official announcement below, this rare product has the behind the scenes and onstage images of Marilyn’s and now on pre-order in on Amazon for 69 dollars. The title will be released on June 9, 2020.

Here is what Marilyn wrote about the book:

“New book of photos he has taken over two decades. He still insists on taking more. It’s an honor to have him publish all these rare and strange moments.”

Perou, who is the photographer of Manson, talked about his book and said:

“I often get asked, ‘Who was your favorite person to photograph?’ or ‘Who is the best person you’ve photographed?’” says photographer Perou. “It’s always ‘Marilyn Manson.’ Which is just as well, considering how many times I’ve photographed him.”

Perou has been photographing Marilyn Manson since a 1998 magazine cover shoot. Twenty-one years of collaborating have resulted in this unique book, featuring over 350 photographs including previously unpublished work, conceptual portraits, onstage and informal behind-the-scenes images, giving a rare insight into Manson’s world.”

Check out the latest Instagram photo of Marilyn below.