The iconic metal singer and artist, Marilyn Manson has hinted at an upcoming project about the song, ‘Don’t Chase The Dead,’ from his brand new studio album, ‘We Are Chaos,’ with several stories on Instagram.

One of the most sensational names in the metal community, Marilyn Manson has come up with an exciting clue on Instagram Stories about a new music video. As you know, Manson has released his long-expected album, ‘We Are Chaos,’ on September 11, after the same-titled song came out on July 29, 2020.

He has also given an interview to explain how he created his eleventh album and what kind of experience he tried to convey through his music lately. After Manson released the music video of the title track on YouTube, he announced on September 8 that he will shoot one for the song ‘Don’t Chase the Dead,’ as well.

Weeks after his statement, Marilyn Manson finally implied on Instagram that the new music video is ready and it will be available in hours. He shared a video of him typing ‘Don’t Chase the Dead’ in a message to someone mysterious. Manson gave a specific time, which is 9 am PT, tomorrow on his recent stories.

Here is what was written in the latest stories of Marilyn Manson:

Tomorrow. 9 am PT.”

You can see the stories below.