Famous American music star and visual artist, Marilyn Manson posted a couple of new videos on his official Instagram stories and showed the making process of his latest tattoos.

As you will watch the video, the tattoo artist warns Marilyn Manson not to shoot a video while he’s working.

There you can watch that video below.

Last month, we published another article about how Marilyn Manson posted a new photo of himself on his official Instagram page.

On that photo, he’s sucking a lollipop, but some reason he said ‘don’t be a sucker’.

He wrote a sarcastic message with this photo, and he said:

“Don’t be a sucker. 📷by

#lindsayusich #dumdums #blue#glitterbox

#shooterjenningsisthebest#say10 .”

You can click here to read that article.