In a conversation with Zane Lowe, the legendary metal musician Marilyn Manson talked about his new album, ‘We Are Chaos,’ and claimed art was the thing that held things together during these challenging days we’d been experiencing lately.

As you may know, Marilyn Manson released his much-anticipated new album, ‘We Are Chaos,’ on September 11, 2020. His eleventh studio album was produced by Manson himself and the son of country music singer Waylon Jennings, Shooter Jennings.

Recently, Marilyn Manson joined an interview with Zane Lowe and talked about his latest album as well as his perspective of the current status of the world considering various issues we had to face this year, including the coronavirus pandemic and the political crisis, occurred afterward.

Initially, Manson shared his opinions on working with Shooter Jennings on his album and mentioned what an unexpected and strong relationship they built during the recording of ‘We Are Chaos.’

Here’s what Marilyn Manson stated about his experience of working with Shooter Jennings:

“Sometimes you need the fire to burn things down, metaphorically, to build them back up. So there’s that element, but I don’t think that we were really considering that so much.

We wanted to make something that was, while we were listening to ‘Diamond Dogs’ and other records that Shooter was inspired by – ‘Antichrist Superstar,’ and I did not know that.

And I was inspired by ‘Black Ribbons,’ his album, not knowing each other still. We got together, it just sort of mounted into this – it can’t be only the lyrics, it has to do a lot with the melodies, in which he evokes and sometimes conjured me to come up with lines or melodies and then sometimes they would feed off one another.”

Furthermore, Marilyn Manson revealed his point of view on all the troubles we experienced since the beginning of this year. Manson claimed that it was extremely important that the artists continued to create art, otherwise, the whole world would fall apart.

Here’s Marilyn Manson’s statement about the significance of creating art:

“Can you ever think of an idyllic time that’s ever been really happened in life? There’s never really been a true perfect era for anyone, so this is a bad time for everyone, but it’s not any worse than what I grew up hearing my father talk about.

That’s just my own personal experience. Everyone has had their own rough time and their own way of interpreting the world, where it’s none of it’s gonna ever be perfect, but I think one way you could look at it, if all artists decide to stop making art, the entire world will fall apart.”

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