Marilyn Manson‘s former assistant Ashley Walters recently claimed that she has received threats from Marilyn Manson to remain silent.

Known for his controversial behavior, Marilyn Manson has struggled with sexual abuse accusations for a long time. After his former partner, Evan Rachel Wood’s bold move to reveal the singer sexually, physically, and psychologically abused her, many other women also came forward with similar claims.

Although there are around 16 women who have claimed that Manson abused them and four filed lawsuits against the musician, Manson stayed silent and denied all of those claims. However, these accusations still took a heavy toll on the musician as his label and manager dropped him, and his net worth decreased by more than a half.

Among other women, Marilyn Manson’s former assistant, Ashley Walters, also came forward to reveal that the musician exploited, manipulated, and psychologically abused her. Moreover, according to Walters, Manson whipped her, pushed her into a wall, charged at her, threw dishes at her, and told her he wanted to kill women.

Recently, Marilyn Manson again denied these claims and attempted to toss Walters’ lawsuit on statute-of-limitations grounds. On the other hand, Walters’ lawyer stated that the court should deny Manson’s attempt because he has threatened Walters to remain silent. She also revealed that it was not just threats but also violence.

As reported by Yahoo Entertainment, Ashley Walters’ lawyer Tanya Sukhija-Cohen said the following during the hearing in Los Angeles County Superior Court:

“There’s a host of unconscionable conduct that deterred her from filing suit, not just threats but also violence and intimidation and other coercive acts.”

On the other hand, Manson’s lawyer, Gene Williams, claimed that there were no threats that prevented her from coming forward, and stressed that she made these claims two or three years after her employment ended.