About three weeks ago, legendary lead singer Marilyn Manson released a new single that was named by the same title of the album, ‘We Are Chaos,’ and announced the release date of his long-awaited album, September 11, 2020.

Since the announcement of his album, Marilyn has been sharing some photos that reflect the quality and the topic of it. Also, he showed that he guested famous rapper A$AP Fer in the studio.

Today, Marilyn Manson excited the fans yet again by sharing another photo of himself on the Instagram Stories and unveiled one of the shots that he posed for the ‘We Are Chaos’ album.

As you can see in the picture below, Marilyn was looking up through the sky during the photoshoot session and holding his hands like he is praying to the god. He was wearing a black shirt and a mask that proves the upcoming album is full of darkness.

Marilyn didn’t write anything on the caption when he shared this picture, but he shared his reaction to the picture under the original post, which was shared by photographer Thomas Kretschmann.

Here is what Thomas Kretschmann captioned:

“Marilyn Manson, #WearGodDamnMask”

Marilyn Manson added this comment:


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Photo Credit: Marilyn Manson – Instagram

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