Lindsay Elizabeth Warner, who is the wife of Marilyn Manson and photographer, revealed her feelings about being with Marilyn via her official Instagram account and penned a long letter for him.

In the picture, Lindsay unveiled that she woke up with a text of the sunrise from Marilyn and shared the photo of the beautiful view he showed her. Furthermore, she touched upon the importance of being together with Marilyn.

Lindsay mentioned that the last two days were so tough for her and said that it is so blessing to have a partner in life like Marilyn who is bringing light and joy for her all the time.

While mentioning that Marilyn is the main source of light even in the darkest times for her, Lindsay proved once again that they are a perfect couple who loves each other very much and impressed the fans.

Here is what Lindsay Elizabeth Warner wrote:

“I woke up to a text of the sunrise from my love this morning. Last night and today have been hard. Extremely blessed to have a partner in life that always brings light in even the darkest of times.”

You can check out the post below.

Photo Credit: Lindsay Elizabeth Warner – Instagram