Gojira drummer and co-founder, Mario Duplantier, made a new interview with Louder Sound’s Rich Hobson this week and revealed his honest thoughts on the drummers that changed his life forever.

As you may already following his career, French-American drummer Mario Duplantier is the older brother of his bandmate Joe and also the co-founding member of the iconic death metal band Gojira. While he has been listed as one of the most talented drummers of all time by many professional journalists, and he’s the drummer of Gojira, and Godzilla before they renamed themselves.

In his latest ever interview with Metal Hammer, Mario Duplantier was asked to list ten drummers who changed his life forever. He mentioned many legends like Igor Cavalera, Lars Ulrich, Sean Reinert, David Silveria, Gene Hoglan, Pete Sandoval, and Abe Cunningham. However, the things he’s said about Pantera drummer Vinnie Paul were all above them.

Here is what Mario Duplantier said in the interview:

“Like a lot of metal kids in the 90s, I grew up listening to a lot of Pantera. I don’t listen to them as much these days, but still love their music and Vinnie Paul was one of the most talented drummers in the metal scene and really stood out as a player.

He had a unique groove, but was also incredibly precise and knew just where to place his parts to really give the songs a real impact. His feet were super-fast and tight and the way he hit the drums was unbelievably powerful –  he was a real king of thrash.

A visual drummer with a big charisma who invented a lot of the most memorable drum parts of the genre, he was a big influence on me and I love the sense of style he brought to drumming.”

You can watch the interview below.