Blink-182 bassist Mark Hoppus recently posted a post-chemo photo of himself on Instagram. In the post, the musician pointed out a tragic detail that appears to be concerning him a lot.

As you might probably know, Blink-182’s Mark Hoppus announced he has been battling cancer on June 23. Following that, he started taking chemotherapy and gave his fans the good news; that his chemo treatment was working.

Although Hoppus still had months of treatment ahead, he always stayed optimistic about the future. As seen in almost all of his social media posts, he highlighted that he won’t give up fighting against the disease.

Hoppus also documented his recovery progress in his Instagram posts. He shared the before and after photos and his currently-growing hair, which he jokingly called his ‘cancer-ass head.’

In a recent Instagram post, Hoppus updated his fans on his recovery progress again. However, it seems the musician is quite concerned about something that is kind of upsetting. In the photo he posted, it is seen that Hoppus’ hair is growing back white. Considering his previous photos, this is surprising since he used to have brown hair.

According to what Hoppus wrote in the caption, this situation worried him. The bassist questioned in the post whether his normal hair would start growing again and asked if he will look like George Clooney or Doc Brown if it doesn’t. He then revealed he has been in chemotherapy for five months, and the hair on his head has grown back while his leg hair continues to fall out.

Mark Hoppus’ Instagram post read:

I mean what the shit is this? Is my hair growing back white? If it does I wonder if I’ll look more like George Clooney or Doc Brown? I feel like this is still the cancery peach fuzz hair and maybe my normal hair will start growing again?

It’s so strange to have hair growing back more on my head while my leg hair continues to fall out further and further down, now at the bottom of my shins. I’ve been in chemotherapy for five months and TODAY the hair on my shins decides it’s time to peace out? Cancer is weird.”

You can check out the photo Hoppus posted below.

Photo Credit: Mark Hoppus – Instagram