Dire Straits guitarist Mark Knopfler uploaded a new video on his official Instagram account recalling the day he released the ‘Cannibals’ song and revealed the story of how he came up with one of his most famous solo releases.

Back in 1996, Mark Knopfler released his debut solo album named ‘Golden Heart,’ which managed to reach the top 10 positions on charts in the countries such as Belgium, Finland, Italy, and more.

Additionally, ‘Darling Pretty’ is the first single of this album, ‘Cannibals’ is the second one, and ‘Rüdiger’ is the third and last single of this album. ‘Cannibals’ was the opener for the Kill to Get Crimson Tour in 2008.

In the caption of his recent post, Mark Knopfler wanted to touch upon the source of inspiration for his well-known song, ‘Cannibals.’ In the caption of his video, Knopfler mentioned that while he was a little kid, he had a nightmare about cannibals.

Apparently, his father told Mark a really short story about how cannibals were no longer there in order to calm him down. Even though it didn’t help him to stop thinking about cannibals, Dire Straits icon’s childhood memory about his father must have stuck with him for years and led him to write a hit song about cannibals.

Here is what Mark Knopfler wrote in the caption of his video:

‘Cannibals’ is the second single taken from Mark’s debut solo album ‘Golden Heart’, released in 1996.

‘I must have been a little boy when I was having a nightmare and I must’ve pretended that I was dreaming about cannibals. I remember my Dad saying ‘once upon a time there were cannibals, now there are no cannibals, go back to sleep’.'”

You can check out the post and listen to the song below.