Dire Straits’ lead vocalist and guitarist, Mark Knopfler, posted a video on his Instagram account and reminded his fans of the documentary that he had released almost a decade ago which was related to the making of his third album.

As you might recall, Knopfler launched his solo music career in 1987, upon leaving Dire Straits. After four years, he returned to the Dire Straits but as the band dissolved in 1995, Mark focused on his career as a solo artist. He released his first solo album ‘Golden Heart‘ in 1996 and his latest studio album was ‘Down The Road Wherever‘ which was released in 2018.

However, there was one album that Knopfler held very close to his heart. It was his third studio album ‘The Ragpickers Dream‘ which was released in 2002. The lyrics of the songs were written from the point of view of a poor man who was struggling to move forward in life and found happiness in enjoying his small triumphs.

Upon the release of the documentary ‘The Ragpicker’s Dream,’ fans found out that the lyrics of some of the songs were actually inspired by Knopflers real life. With his recent Instagram post, the famous rockstar reminded his fans of his favorite album and advised them to check out the documentary and find out more about the making of it.

Here’s what Mark Knopfler said in the video:

“I think you’ve really got to want to do this and I think a lot of the desire is fueled when you’re young. You know, my first electric guitar had to be red. Because a Hanks guitar, you know, and the shots and I find, say on a song like ‘you don’t know you’re born,’ it finishes with a player which is Hank, in sound, you know, because when I’m thinking about what it might need, that sound comes to mind because Hank sound was so powerful to me as a child. Yeah, I think it is important to stay in touch with all of those things.”

This is what Mark Knopfler wrote in the caption of his recent Instagram post:

“Watch the official documentary for Mark’s third studio album, ‘The Ragpicker’s Dream.’

Mark gives a behind-the-scenes glance into the songwriting process and explains the background behind some of the songs on the album. Watch on YouTube – link in bio.”

Click here to check out the video that Knopfler posted on his Instagram account and you can watch the documentary below.