In a recent interview with Australia’s Heavy magazine, Lamb of God guitarist Mark Morton spoke about his collaboration with Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington.

Here’s the statement:

“‘Cross Off’ is a really special song, and it kind of felt that way from the beginning. Working with Chester was fantastic. It was really amazing.

Chester was very enthusiastic; he was very motivated; he was excited about the song. He loved that song, and that’s really why he was there. I didn’t know Chester personally until we started talking about working on music, and until we worked on, wrote and recorded that song. To get the chance to work with him like that and to create music with him was really exciting.

He was very prepared and very excited about that song in particular. He was excited for his fans to hear to scream again, because it had been some time since he had recorded a vocal like that. It was just a real joy. It was a real positive experience.

We had fun in the studio. We talked a lot about the lyrics we were writing together and what they meant, where they were coming from. It was a just real thrill to be in the room with him while he recorded that amazing performance and be able to work with him at that level, in that proximity.

When I hear it, I think of that time — the time we had making the song and the energy that was going on in the room during the process of putting that song together. It was really positive and really exciting.

He also talked about working with his bandmate Randy Blythe. He said:

Working with Randy was a no-brainer. Randy’s one of my best friends in the whole world, and one of my best friends in the whole world that happens to be the best metal screamer in the whole world.

It was a pretty easy call to make. I had a metal song and I needed a screamer on it, so I can’t imagine who else I would send that text to. [Laughs]”

Listen to the entire interview below. Click here to source of the statement.