Lamb of God guitarist Mark Morton spoke in an interview with Spreaker, and revealed the differences between working on a Lamb of God album and working for his solo album.

Here’s the statement:

“I guess the primary way it differs… Well, there’s a couple of ways that come instantly to mind. It’s just a little more rock than the music that I guess I’m more traditionally known for with Lamb of God which is kind of like a thrash metal band, extreme metal. The solo project, it kind of digs into my influences in terms of classic rock and blues rock.

It’s still hard rock, heavy rock, but it’s just not quite as Lamb; it’s a little more melodic. I guess a little more conventionally arranged. It just kind of explores my love of hard rock music. The songs themselves are collaborations with a pretty extensive list of artists that I admire as a fan or as a friend or both. I really worked with a large number of people. Most Lamb of God  albums are typically done with the band and the producer, so there’s six people’s input.

This album was myself and my producer kind of mainly being the creative directors, then we had all this input from these amazing artists that we brought into the fold. It’s very collaborative, diverse and dynamic in that sense. The inspiration, I really had these rock songs that I was writing on my own just in the course of my songwriting, what I do.

I had these songs piling up and accumulating that clearly weren’t appropriate to submit as Lamb of God material, but were songs that I thought were worth developing. We took that ball and ran with it.”

He also confirmed that they working on new Lamb of God studio album, and said:

“We are, yeah. We’re pretty far along into the writing process. We got a fair amount of touring coming up as well. There’s a whole lot going on.”

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