In a recent interview with MetalTalk’s Paul Monkhouse and Steve Ritchie, guitarist and singer Mark Tremonti shared some details about making a Frank Sinatra album to raise funds for the National Downs Syndrome Society.

It may seem strange that a guitarist and vocalist known for his tenure with Alter Bridge has tapped into his emotional side to record Frank Sinatra songs. However, Tremonti wanted to accept the challenge for the charity they partnered with to raise funds and awareness. 

Mark Tremonti meticulously studied every live performance and recording of Frank Sinatra to learn how to pronounce words and, most importantly, to sound like him. By the end of his studies, before it was time to record, there was nothing more he could do to improve his skills in performing the songs.

The musician stated that he had worked endlessly until he got every song he would record right. He became obsessed with the challenge and wanted to pursue it to raise money for charity. Even though he was nervous that he wouldn’t be able to do the songs justice, he seems to have prevailed.

He said it was challenging because gathering the skills to perform the songs well, getting the Sinatra family’s approval, and gathering all crucial people behind the scenes was no small feat. However, everything worked out, and they have almost managed to raise a million dollars for the National Downs Syndrome Society.

Mark Tremonti’s words about his obsession with Frank Sinatra songs:

“I couldn’t have prepared another second more. I had worked tirelessly on it, and I obsessed about it. So I was way more excited than I was nervous. You should never be afraid of doing whatever you’re doing to raise money for charity.”

He added:

“It was hard to accomplish, not only to get the skills and the knowledge to do it but to get the approvals from the Sinatra family to use their father’s name and likeness. To get all these guys in the same room, find the right producer, and find the right studio. So many things went into it to find the right partner too. We found the National Down Syndrome Society, and we’ve already raised three-quarters of a million dollars for this, so we’re on our way to the million mark.”

You can listen to ‘Mark Tremonti Sings Frank Sinatra’ below.