Alter Bridge guitarist Mark Tremonti recently joined an interview with Metal Edge magazine in which he revealed his favorite hard rock and metal bands of the 1980s. After naming Metallica among them, Tremonti stated that one of the iconic albums of the band had a life-changing impact on him.

Mark Tremonti is mostly known for his tenures with Creed and Alter Bridge, but he also formed his own band Tremonti and released five albums with the band. Throughout his career in these bands, the guitarist was greatly influenced by thrash metal bands, including Metallica.

In a Metal Edge article, Tremonti revealed the ’80s hard rock and metal bands he likes most. As it turns out, the guitarist has been a fan of ’80s music, and he was inspired by the songs, vocals, and guitar works of that era. Apart from music acts like Ozzy Osbourne, Slayer, and Skid Row, Tremonti also addressed his love for Metallica.

Speaking about Metallica, Tremonti said Metallica’s 1986 album ‘Master Of Puppets’ changed his life as it transformed him from an ordinary music fan to someone who is obsessed with music. According to the guitarist, he was listening to commercial music like every other kid before this album.

Tremonti then recalled one of his brothers was listening to commercial rock back then while his older brother listened to extreme music, like Venom, Slayer, and Metallica. He said his brother gave him the cassette of ‘Master Of Puppets,’ and he began listening to the album in a trance.

In the interview with Metal Edge, Mark Tremonti said about Metallica the following:

“‘Master of Puppets’ was 100% the album that changed my life. That was the magic elixir that transformed me from somebody who was a fan of music to somebody who was obsessed with music.

Before I listened to that album, I was just like everybody else I went to school with – the big bands were stuff like the Beastie Boys, and then the alternative kids were listening to, like, the Violent Femmes and the Clash and this and that.

But then I remember that one night I couldn’t fall asleep and went to my brothers’ room. Upstairs from my room, my brothers shared a loft. And my oldest brother, his whole room was covered in, like, Fangoria magazine gore and guts and everything.

And he would listen to commercial rock, like Van Halen and Kiss and Ted Nugent. But then my other brother listened to extreme stuff like Venom, Slayer, and Metallica.”

He then continued:

“So, this one night I couldn’t go to sleep and I was like, ‘Hey man, what’s that song I hear about a sanitarium? It sounds pretty cool.’ And he’s like, ‘Well, that’s ‘Master of Puppets.’’ And he gave me the tape, this little white cassette that I still have.

I just remember staying up almost all night listening to that record on this little stereo my parents had bought me. It had a graphic analyzer and it gave me the light show all night long. I was just in a trance.

So, that’s still my favorite record of all time. I could listen to it nonstop. ‘Orion’ is my favorite song, definitely one of my favorite songs of all time.”

As it seems, Tremonti became a big fan of Metallica with the help of his brother back when he was quite young. Considering ‘Master Of Puppets” success and prominence, it is no doubt that it had a huge impact on the guitarist.