Alter Bridge guitarist Myles Kennedy was the latest interview guest of Ed Condran of The Spokesman-Review this week to announce that he listened to his bandmate Myles Kennedy’s new solo album and admitted that they are working on something new as a band.

As you might remember, Orlando-based rock band Alter Bridge has released their latest ever solo album named ‘Walk The Sky’ back in 2019. The album peaked at the top ten in many countries and got excellent reviews from the professional authorities. However, Alter Bridge was silent since then and fans were eagerly waiting to listen to something new from them.

In his interview with The Spokesman, Mark announced that they have already begun to work on their upcoming album, and they will record it in 2022. At the same time, Tremonti stated that he listened to his brother and bandmate Myles Kennedy’s new album named ‘The Ides of March’ recently and called it ‘great.’

Here is what he said:

“I’ll never forget Myles telling us, ‘You wouldn’t believe what just happened. We were so excited for Myles. If something happened and Myles needed to go off with them and play, we said we would give him six months, a year, however long it would take. To be able to sing Led Zeppelin songs with our heroes from Led Zeppelin, man, they’re the greatest rock band ever. That’s just amazing. We could never be that way.

If Myles wants to make something that’s not Alter Bridge, he receives 100% of our support. Myles’ new album It sounds great. Particularly (the title track) ‘The Ides of March.’ Myles has such an amazing voice.”

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