The Alter Bridge guitarist Mark Tremonti was recently interviewed by Ultimate Guitar’s Justin Beckner and discussed the misunderstanding between him and Eddie Van Halen.

While naming Stevie Ray Vaughan and Jeff Beck as his dream jam duo, he also shared an untold story of why Eddie Van Halen did not like his playing style after a huge misunderstanding.

As you might check out the story Mark recalled the moments they had in Los Angeles, while he was warming up his left hand, despite he’s right-handed.

Ultimate Guitar’s Justin Beckner asked:

“Have you ever had a proper jam with Eddie Van Halen?”

Mark responded and recalled the story:

“I played guitar in the same room as him a bunch of times. He played guitar in front of me five feet away for an hour and a half when I would go to his studio and watch him perform.

I remember one time I was in LA, warming up for a show and somebody was standing behind me for a minute and all of a sudden I turn back and it was Eddie Van Halen and he goes, ‘You don’t pick very much, do ya?’

Because I was just warming up my left hand doing some legato runs. That was a crazy moment. I have probably met Eddie a dozen times over the years but every time we would meet up it was always an intense moment because he’s such a legend.”

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