Alter Bridge guitarist Mark Tremonti talked in a recent interview with Classic Rock Magazine and shared a little-known story about how he was disappointed by Ozzy Osbourne.

Mark said that he had a chance to meet Ozzy Osbourne for extra work with his job. He accepted the deal but for some reason, Ozzy hasn’t shown up on the tour bus when he was waiting to meet him.

Here’s the story that Mark told:

“It was no extra pay, but they said you’ll get to meet Ozzy or go on his tour bus or something. I did get to go on his tour bus, he wasn’t on the bus…

I pretty much sat in the back and wrapped up cables in big huge boxes. But I got to see the show. It was Sepultura opening up, I think, and Alice in Chains was on that bill too, so it was pretty awesome.”

He also mentioned about the legendary guitarist of Ozzy Osbourne, Zakk Wylde, and said:

“Of everybody, I wanted to meet Zakk Wylde. I got to hold his guitar, and a guy came to me at the end of the night and was, like, ‘Oh, Zakk was looking for you!’ Like, ‘Sure he was…'”

Alter Bridge singer Myles Kennedy chimed in the conversation and revealed what he really thinks about Zakk Wylde by saying:

“He was so cool! I mean… after we were done shooting he was, like, ‘Hey, come on my trailer and we’ll have a beer together!’ So I’m sitting having a beer with Zakk Wylde, and he gave me a box of his guitar strings.

I kept one set. I actually gave the rest to another guy I met in Spokane who named his son Zakk after Zakk Wylde, so I was, like, ‘You should have these…'”

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