Guitar legend Mark Tremonti spoke in an interview with HardDrive Radio and revealed why he hate digital guitar effects. He said:

“I’ve got a Morley wah pedal that I’ve had almost as long as the guitar [probably referring to his PRS signature model]. And I have a phaser pedal with T-Rex.

I’ve been approached about it, a gain/overdrive pedal or something. But the only thing I’d ever consider is maybe a delay pedal and an overdrive pedal. That’s all I use. I don’t use anything else.

“There’s no point in me doing any [digital effects]. I hate digital stuff. I don’t want to have anything to do with anything digital whatsoever. So it’s not much else I can do.”

He continued:

The MT15 is my first signature amp. I’ve been asked over the years by companies: ‘Would you be interested in doing a signature amp?’ I’m always like, ‘No.’ I’m an amp fanatic and I don’t want to build an amp and then somebody else builds one better and I can’t play it because I have my name on this one that I don’t like as much.

So one day I was online – I was on Musician’s Friend looking up an amp. And all of the sudden, the page says ‘Top selling amps in the world.’ I looked and they were all 10-watt, 8-watt, 15-watt, 20-watt amps. I was like, ‘Brilliant. I could create a lunchbox-style amp, get it as cool as I can, but I’m not required to play it on stage because it’s a 15-watt amp.’

Then I get into the process, I create this amp and I absolutely love it. Now I’m dying to finish the 100-watt version of it. We went in there, they sent me a few versions of it, I went up to the factory, switched out the tubes, change this, change that… It took about a year and a half, two years to voice it.

But we got ‘Best in Show’ at NAMM on the amp, and people are loving it. It’s an easy thing for me to help push. Because when somebody is looking for an amp, I know when they get that amp at home they’ll be blown away. For the price, that thing is a monster. For 600 bucks, that thing sounds better than almost all my amps at home. I’m very proud of it.”

You can watch the entire interview below.