Alter Bridge guitarist Mark Tremonti spoke in an interview with EMP and talked about the band’s recent success while explaining the main reason behind it.

Last year, Alter Bridge released a new album named ‘Walk The Sky,’ and is listed 16th place on US Billboard charts. Also, they released a deluxe edition of the same album in November 2020, ‘Walk The Sky 2.0,’ and the comments about this EP was mostly positive.

In a recent conversation, Mark Tremonti mentioned how much they love to do music and stated they are also working really hard nowadays. After putting these two together, he showed why Alter Bridge has managed to become so successful lately.

Furthermore, Tremonti pointed out that they enjoy connecting with the fans and performing on the stage, and these are the other reasons to become a much better band compared to the others.

Here is what Mark Tremonti stated about Alter Brigde’s success:

“Just working hard and connecting with the fans. We’ve always put everything we can into our music, and we love to perform and we love to meet the people that appreciate the music.

I think just working hard at what you love to do… We work hard. We do it because we love music. We don’t get caught up in much anything else. That’s what we love to do.”

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