The founder and guitarist of Creed and Alter Bridge, Mark Tremonti, talked to Guitar World about the time he saw Van Halen’s Eddie towards the end of the ’90s. He told the story of how the guitar icon gave him one of his guitars as a gift with a piece of advice.

Mark Tremonti is best known for his bands, but he also managed to make a name for himself as a solo musician. Back in the ’90s, the musician had achieved great success and grabbed the chance to open for Van Halen, and after his performance, he received a special gift from Eddie.

He recalled that moment very excitedly while saying that he saw Eddie with his family and that Wolfgang was only around six years old back then. He gave him his guitar and then found Mark again to tell him how to tweak it to make it sound better.

Tremonti recalled that heartwarming memory as follows:

“I have some really special memories. One of them is when we were opening for Van Halen at Madison Square Garden, and Wolfgang was there. He must have been six, he was just this tiny kid!

Eddie had given me one of his guitars backstage. He tapped away on it and said, ‘Yeah, feels good, here ya go!’ and obviously that’s become one of my most prized possessions.”

He continued by saying how Eddie found him again to tell him a tip he forgot to mention:

“When the show was over, we were backstage underground, and there were 300 crew, guests, press everywhere, just swarming the place. We saw Wolf, his mom, and Eddie walking out. Eddie saw me out of the corner of his eye and walked through hundreds of people to come over and say, ‘Hey I forgot to tell you – you need to take out two springs to make it play right – sorry, I forgot to tell you that earlier!’

Then he gave me a kiss on the cheek and walked right through all the people clamoring for him again. He did that for me?! He had his kid and his wife with him and knew he’d get caught up by everybody, but he took his time out because he gave a shit about his products and passing on knowledge. I got to see him at his core a handful of times, and I was lucky. It was a very cool thing.”

Tremonti feels lucky not only because he was able to meet Eddie but also as he was gifted one of his possessions. He stressed how interested Van Halen’s guitarist was in giving him advice after gifting him one of his guitars, which shows how much Eddie cared about passing on his knowledge to younger musicians.