Mark Tremonti recently joined Rock Feed for an interview and argued that Frank Sinatra‘s charity efforts are often left undiscussed.

Frank Sinatra is one of the greatest singers, with over 150 million records sold worldwide. An iconic figure in the scene, he was a perfectionist who tried to improve his musical talents in all aspects of music.

In March 2022, Mark Tremonti announced his plans to release a cover album featuring Frank Sinatra songs recorded with former members of Sinatra’s band. Titled ‘Tremonti Sings Sinatra,’ the album was released on May 27.

In a recent interview with Rock Feed, Tremonti stated that singing like Sinatra became his obsession, and he began searching for everything about him. The guitarist then said he found out that Sinatra was a charitable man who raised over one billion dollars.

According to Tremonti, this is an overlooked fact about Sinatra. He then remembered when his daughter was diagnosed with Down syndrome and said he decided to record his ‘Tremonti Sings Sinatra’ album to raise money and awareness for Down syndrome.

During the conversation, Mark Tremonti said the following:

“About three years ago, I became obsessed with trying to sing like Frank Sinatra. I’ve been a fan my whole life, but I had one of those nights where I went down the rabbit hole and just searched everything I could about Frank Sinatra.

It’s like a switch went off. Like a young guitar player who wanted to play like somebody, I wanted to sing like Frank Sinatra. So, a couple of years into that, I didn’t know what I would do with it. I felt pretty good about it and didn’t feel like I had any place in my career as a hard rock musician.”

He then continued:

“Then, we went to an appointment before my daughter was born, and they said that she would be born with Down syndrome. I had read in so many books that Frank Sinatra was a hugely charitable man, and he helped raise over a billion dollars for charity, which in our time is ten billion dollars.

That’s something that nobody talks about too much. So, I figured, ‘What a great thing to do. I want to record a record with Frank Sinatra songs and do it to raise money and awareness for Down syndrome.'”

You can watch the interview and listen to the album below.