Alter Bridge and Creed guitarist Mark Tremonti spoke in an interview with Metal Hammer, and revealed his little-known favorite metal band.

He praised Swiss extreme-metal band Celtic Frost, and said:

“Growing up and becoming a metal fan, Celtic Frost were right behind Metallica as one of my favorite metal bands.

I still remember my friend John introducing me to them with [1987’s] ‘Into the Pandemonium,’ which I fell in love with. As I used to do, I went and picked up everything I could, by them, and this became my go-to record.”

He continued:

“I often see Celtic Frost referred to as one of the most influential – if not the most influential – extreme metal bands in the world. There’s no other band from that scene that drew me in like them. It was the mood and atmosphere they create with this record – and the aggression as well.

At that point, I was just a beginner guitarist and songwriter and still developing. But once I started writing, there’s no doubt it influenced me and still does to this day.

When I heard they were coming to play Orlando as part of their comeback in 2006, I hit the show with a couple of friends. I pushed my way to the rail, hands onstage, and stood there singing every lyric of every single song they played. I was so excited to finally see a band I loved from my childhood as a fan.”

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