On a recent Instagram post, Adam Levine, who is the vocalist of Maroon 5, has revealed his thoughts about the devastating death of George Floyd and showed his stance against racism.

In the post, Adam shared the letter of famous actor and comedian, Josh Gad, and stated that he managed to say the ones in his heart. In the letter, he wrote the horrifying facts about black people’s lives and explained why we should stop racism right now.

Here is what Adam Levine said:

“Well, as I searched for the right words to say out loud, Josh Gad managed to say the ones I had in my heart. 🙏🏻”

Here is the letter of Josh Gad:

“Don’t ask right now. Just listen. Don’t assume. Just hear. Don’t question. Just wait to understand. I have never lived in a black person’s shoes. I have never walked down a street at night and felt fear because of the color of my skin. I have never wondered if my kids won’t come home because they looked ‘suspicious.’

There is a real pain. The pain has been festering. The pain has given way to a scream. And I hear it. I am here. I am ready. I am with you. To be led and lead. I am ready to speak and scream with you. And I am ready for this to mark the beginning of the end of complacency. There is no more time. There is no other choice. Racism is real. And it’s response must be just as real.”

You can check out the post below.