Maroon 5 singer and the former judge of The Voice, Adam Levine, showed off his basketball skills by sharing new videos on his official Instagram account and revealed how a talented person he is.

As you can see in the first video, Adam was warming up for the shooting practice and taking his first show from the back off the three-point line. Even though he missed his first shot, he mentioned that it’s normal to miss your first shot.

He proved this idea by sharing a second video after a short period, and you can see that he is shooting from the same position again. This time, he managed to get the three points and showed off his talent.

Here is what Adam Levine captioned:

“If at first, you don’t succeed…”

You can check out the videos below.

Over a week ago, Adam Levine took to his official Instagram account to show his longing for basketball and revealed his love for watching the NBA matches.

Adam stated that he has been playing NBA2K since March 2020, and this is the first day he didn’t play the game because he wanted the watch the first game of Los Angeles Lakers.

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