Adam Levine, the iconic frontman of the pop-rock band Maroon 5, has recalled the good old times of the MTV VMA’s as he posted a great performance of Nirvana showing his admiration for the band.

The 2020 MTV VMAs premiered the last Sunday, August 30, live from multiple outdoor locations across New York City. The traditional event took place in a completely different format due to the coronavirus pandemic this year.

To point out another difference rather than the form about the awards, Levine took Instagram to reveal the actual VMAs he misses so much. Sharing a video clip of Nirvana’s performance on the award show back then, Levine implied that the old times have always been better compared to the latest ones.

Adam Levine showed his admiration to Nirvana, as well as the band’s legendary frontman Kurt Cobain, by stating that they brought out the real VMAs. The video Levine shared, displays the crazy performance of Nirvana of their song, ‘Lithium,’ on 9 September 1992.

You can see Adam Levine’s post and the full version of Nirvana’s performance below.