Maroon 5’s successful frontman, Adam Levine, recently posted a video on his Instagram account and treated his fans with half-naked working out routine while showing how much he loves Guns N’ Roses.

Adam Levine is many things; a singer, a songwriter, a rhythm guitarist, and a producer as he has founded a production company named 222 Productions. Another thing that he is famous for is his ripped and fit body which is often commented on by his fans and followers.

Adam Levine has been asked about his work-out routine multiple times, and either he or his trainer has always answered these questions. However, it looks like this time, instead of talking, Adam Levine wanted to show his workout routine.

In his recent Instagram story, Adam Levine first shared a photo of himself doing yoga and then a video of himself pumping some irons. In the video, Adam is seen lifting weight and probably pushing himself to his limit as he seems to be struggling.

In the video, he also tagged his trainer Austin Pohlen and said that Austin has been telling him to ‘turn on the f*cking lawnmower‘ while Adam has been asking him to leave him alone. This funny conversation is not in the video but after watching it you can definitely see this conversation happening.

Another interesting point is that Adam Levine seems to enjoy listening to rock and metal music during his workout sessions. Rockers definitely spotted that the song playing in the background is ‘Paradise City‘ by Guns N’ Roses. It is well known that rock and metal music can be encouraging while working out and it seems like Adam Levine has known this trick for a while.

Here is what Adam Levine wrote in the video:

“Austin: turn on the fuckin’ lawnmower

Adam: leave me alone.”

You can check out the photo of Adam Levine doing yoga and his workout video below.

Photo Credit: Adam Levine – Instagram