In a recent interview with Guitar World, ex-Megadeth lead guitar Marty Friedman announced his new studio album.

It was recorded in Dave Grohl’s studio. Album’s title is not unveiled yet but it will release in 2017 via Prosthetic Records. Friedman says:

“This is going to be my 13th record and I think I’ve finally found the way to do it properly.

I spend a lot of time writing and demoing. So by the time I’m playing it for real in the studio, I can play all of the stuff, and it’s really easy to ad-lib out of it and do cooler things than I had originally intended.

When you have a good demo, it’s so much more easy, fun and painless to go in the studio and bang out the real tracks.”

Marty Friedman’s last album called “Inferno” was released in 2014. Check this out the Inferno.