Guitar legend Marty Friedman spoke in an interview with Guitar World and revealed that did he ever take guitar lessons. He said:

“I had a very good teacher named Tim Brooks for a while, but what he was showing me was way over my head and in the wrong direction. It was a lot of hippie stuff, which I never cared for.

I wanted to play aggressive high-energy guitar and not meandering Grateful Dead stuff. Luckily punk rock was easy to learn and gave me a very solid background in simple melodies and satisfaction of achievement real quick.

Other goofballs were spending a year learning one difficult ‘cool’ song, and in that same time I might have had about 150 punk anthems like ‘Sonic Reducer‘ or ‘Teenage Lobotomy’ under my belt.

I was no smarter or more talented than anyone else, but I was smart that I set the difficulty bar very low at the beginning.

What do you have to prove? Make it easy and fun. I am very thankful that I started in that way.”

Click here to entire interview.

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