Former Megadeth guitarist Marty Friedman talked with “The Official Danko Jones Podcast” and remembered the time when he recording a tough guitar part for “Rust In Peace” album.

He has revealed how Slash “unconsciously” saved him from a trouble and said:

“I was recording ‘Rust In Peace’, and Mike Clink was producing. He had just finished Guns N’ Roses. I was having trouble on one of the rhythm guitar parts — they’re really quite tricky — and I saw a Slash guitar pick on the console. I’m like, ‘Let me try this pick.’ [I] nailed the thing in one take with Slash’s pick.

The mojo is somehow… Whether or not it’s who our absolute hero is, it’s irrelevant. It’s people we respect and admire, and we hopefully will get a little bit of magic from it, and lo and behold, the magic comes sometimes.”

On how he was influenced by KISS, he said:

“In a lot of respects. I think KISS‘s two live albums, and the albums that are in between those two live albums, are just such a stamp on the history of music and influenced so many people that have made important contributions to music in the world that it can’t be overstated. When it came time to do a live album, of course I wanted some of the things that are on those two albums — mainly being a fold-out so you can clean the stems and seeds of your pot in the middle of it.

Now that pot’s legal everywhere, I find out that they don’t have stems and seeds anymore, so it was all for nothing. I wanted that in there and if you look at the back cover of the album, it’s got four squares just like ‘Alive II’. Just the basic feel of the performance — everybody has solos on the record.

If you see, ‘Oh, it’s Marty Friedman,’ you might think it’s just one guitar player soloing out, but my thing is it’s a band — it’s so much like a band. On the album you can really see [that]. Everyone quite outshines me, to be honest.”

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