Speaking to SiriusXM’s Trunk Nation, former Megadeth guitarist Marty Friedman has revealed his thoughts about well-known musicians to form a “supergroup”.

Interviewer asked if joining forces with other well-known musicians to form a new “supergroup” is an idea that appeals to him, Marty responded:

“Yeah, it actually does appeal to me. It appeals to me a lot. And if the right situation were to arise, I would be jumping on it. There would have to be a reason for it. It would have to be something where I could really bring something to it that would make it worth doing, and I would be way into it.

I think a lot of great combinations of people can create new things that are better than the sum of the parts… You know what I’m trying to say. I can’t speak English anymore. When you put certain things together, they’re better than parts separately. I’m into that — I’m into that in a big way.

And I would be into any kind of collaborations like that — band [or] whatever it is. I’ve done a whole lot of that in Japan, but not a whole lot of it outside of Japan. So I’d be into it.”

On his solo band, he said:

“Well, I do see my band as definitely a band vibe. So doing my solo stuff is certainly being in a band. But I would not rule out anything. Any kind of band that I think is cool and new and exciting, or just any band that’s doing anything really, really interesting that I could contribute to, I would be way into that.

I’ve done so many insane projects over here in Japan — playing with bands, playing with artists, doing my own stuff, doing other people’s stuff. I do anything that I think is insane. Anything that I think is really exciting or worth doing, I definitely would pursue. So I’m not against any type of situation, really.”

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