According to recent report of Loudwire, Mastodon’s longtime manager Nick John has died after losing a battle to pancreatic cancer.

Six days ago, Mastodon members Brent Hinds and Brann Dailor have both posted on Instagram in support of their friend and manager.

But today, he died and Brent Hinds shared an emotional post on his Instagram account.

Brent Hinds said six days ago:

“The most kind and beautiful being is in need of very strong amazing vibes more than a ever ..! My friend and manager @nickjzoso who is mainly responsible for mastodons success has been stricken with pancreatic cancer and has been fighting so hard that he is withering away and taking a little bit of me with him.”

Brann Dailor said five days ago:

“Help send all the power and love of the universe to our dear friend and manager Nick John. I don’t know where Mastodon would be without him. He is absolutely integral to the success we have achieved as a band not to mention one of the best people you’d ever hope to meet. We all deeply love and care for him. Send your love his way. Thank you