In an interview for Rock N’ Roll Beer Guy, Mastodon guitarist Bill Kelliher mentioned his recent financial issues caused by the global pandemic of coronavirus.

Many musicians have affected financially by the lockdown period due to the Covid-19 pandemic. In a recent interview for Ultimate-Guitar, Mastodon star Bill Kelliher also revealed the economic issues he had been dealing with for a while now.

The interviewer asked about how he was affected financially by the current situations and Bill answered:

“Yeah, the good thing is that my wife is still working. She’s an epidemiologist in Atlanta, so she’s working on coronavirus now, everybody’s shifted to that – not a hoax as some fucking idiots think.

I have invested in properties, I own a couple of rental properties on my street in Atlanta, and we have the building that we bought a few years ago that’s a rehearsal facility.

I mean, it’s not a cash cow, but it’s definitely an income. People are hurting, and I can see it because the bands that are in there are struggling to pay the rent.

These trickle-down economics are going to kill us all because they think, ‘Oh, the stimulus checks, $1,200, that’s going to go straight to my landlord man.’

It’s like, ‘Well, yeah, but when it goes to me, it goes straight to the fucking bank that owns the building or owns the house or the property that I’m leasing to rent to you. I don’t own all the stuff.’

I took out loans to buy this stuff because I have good credit because I’ve done things the right way and paid my bills.”

Bill continued stating that the music industry was among the most affected by the Covid-19 measures taken by the governments:

“It’s trickled-down economy; the banks are closed, they still want their mortgage payment every month, and I have to give it to them, or I’m gonna lose everything, and then I will be really fucked. But, there’s no income coming from the band.

We’re gonna be the last business to open when it comes back to playing gigs and having concerts because nobody’s going to want to go out and stand in a hot, sweaty concert, busting up with a bunch of people not knowing if they’re gonna get sick or not.”

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