Mastodon lead guitarist Brent Hinds revealed during his recent interview with The Jasta Show that opening for Disturbed at a festival was a horrible experience and explained why he didn’t want to do it.

2008’s Mayhem Festival started on July 9, 2008, in Auburn and ended in Corfu on August 19, 2008. The festival’s headliners consisted of Slipknot, Disturbed, DragonForce, and Mastodon, the bands that released their albums or were about to drop them.

Mastodon performed as Disturbed’s opening act during the festival, but the band’s guitarist Brent Hinds regretted their performance. He thought they didn’t get any chance to promote their records because the audience, who came for Disturbed, was too drunk to listen to them. 

Hinds admitted that he didn’t want to perform at the Mayhem Festival for drunk Americans back then. Still, they didn’t have any other choice as a band that had released three records and was trying to gain attention and popularity. Therefore it turned out to be a complete disaster and disappointment for Mastodon.

In Hinds’ words, he said:

“I did a lot of tours I didn’t want to do, though, like Disturbed and all that Mayhem stupid bullshit. Gay ass shit. You gotta f’cking open up for Disturbed. You gotta play to people that like Disturbed.

It was the Mayhem Fest, you know, just a f’cking bunch of drunk Americans. They’re receptive to anything, I imagine. There are tons of tours I want to do, but there are most tours… Our first tour for Relapse was with Dying Fetus and some other f’cking band. It was horrible. I didn’t want to do that tour.”

You can watch the interview below.