Mastodon guitarist Bill Kelliher recently appeared on the Youtube channel of Premier Guitar and talked about his thoughts on the guitar community. He said that playing as fast as you can doesn’t mean you are a better player if it is without any soul.

Mastodon released their eighth studio album named ‘Hushed and Grim’ on October 29, 2021, as a tribute to their late manager Nick John who died of cancer. The band has been busy with the promotion of their new album nowadays. The album was highly praised for its high energy, creativity, and depth by the music authorities.

It’s certain that all the bands have their distinctive styles and guitar sounds which are also important elements of their music. During the conversation on Premier Guitar, the guitarist Bill Kelliher shared his opinions on various guitar-playing methods. He was initially asked about what he doesn’t like in guitar playing. Kelliher said that playing fast doesn’t mean anything to him.

For Kelliher, it doesn’t matter how fast you play if you are playing without any soul. He also explained that he never wanted to play like that because he is concentrated on just playing from his heart. Kelliher highlighted that playing faster doesn’t mean that you are a better guitar player than the rest.

He revealed that writing good songs is far more significant for him than playing fast or playing very well. He severely criticized the ones who play without a soul and stressed the importance of playing from the heart.

Bill Kelliher shared his thoughts on guitar playing:

“I guess my biggest pet peeve in the guitar-playing community has to be the shredder guys that just concentrate on playing as fast as humanly possible without any soul. And no, I’m not jealous, I can’t play that fast but I never wanted to you know. I never took any lessons. I just kind of write songs and play from the heart. And you don’t have to be that fast.

I think there is a big misconception about being a good guitarist and or being the best guitarist you can be or being like the fastest guitar player you can be. When I approach the guitar, I just write within my means.”

He added:

“I mean I try to push myself as much as I can but that’s not like playing faster doesn’t equal better at all and just because you can play guitar solos doesn’t mean you are a better guitar player than someone else.

It’s all relative to the player. For me, I just like writing good songs and I think that’s more important than playing guitar solos and playing super fast. It’s just playing from the heart and writing good material so stop those silly videos and just focus on practicing.”

You can check out the full conversation below.